The Feeling – Rose

Burberry 2011春夏裝時秀及香水廣告歌

這首Rose 收錄在2006年The Feeling – Twelve Stops And Home(離家12站)的專輯中



You and your friends
Boxes of ten
Cool to the touch
You warn me so much
The white to your left
The red to your right
Are all that I’d seen
Til I realised the love that I seek
Lies right in-between
I love ya
Especially today
I love your delicate way
The chill in my veins
Relieves me from pain
Again and again
I lose all control
Your taking your toll
And i’m no longer sane
Dont be afraid
The love that I show is the love that you made
So dont be afraid
‘Cos your in control
I’m just your slave
I love ya,
Especially today,
I love your delicate way.
Dont let him put you down
I won’t let him put you down
‘Cos your as good as the rest
And you’re much better dressed
I think pink is my colour
I wont drink from no other
Oh I love ya
Especially today
Especially this way
Oh Rose
I want ya
Believe me this way
I love your delicate way


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